It’s about your children…and how you brought ’em up…

And that is to say, “you done good.”

Beautifully, in fact.

Let’s start with Liz.


She and I have been a couple for nearly 22 years.

As a 67-year-old, I know a lot of people; it comes with the territory.

Lizzy may be the best person I have ever met.

Unfailingly kind.


Smiling; a sensational smile.




Instinctively, doing for others–putting other people first–without a second thought.

Let’s use her new job as an example.

After 27 years in the frenetic retail environment, when L-E closed, she was out of work.

She took a short break and quickly began looking around.

For employment.




Pretty much, with that smile, and pleasing–if not ‘all-in,’ then close — positive attitude.

She’s human.

It took time.

Then, she took the leap.

She now works in a cannabis dispensary, as I know you know, stacking up lots of hours.

Is it good?

Does she like it?

As son/brother Michael has historically been wont to say, it’s “too soon to tell.”

But here’s the thing:

It’s not about that.

Your daughter will be 60 years old on her next birthday, about a month from now.

She’s working with people, roughly a third of her age, with whatever kinds of upbringing and education they may have.

She takes these co-workers of hers, right under her wing, to try and help and mentor them.

It’s a natural response for her.

A natural reaction.

It’s what she does.

No agenda.

No platform.

Zero desire for reciprocity.

She lives to find goodness.

She loves and respects others.

Right from the get-go.

From the start.

From the jump.

And how does this happen?


From you both.

Brian and Michael may be different as individuals, as Lizzy is different from her brothers.

But they’re all the same.

Your three children.

In the way they behave.

Dutifully, but differently.

With all the right things in mind.

So, be proud.

Be happy.

After all, you made ‘em.

And thank God for that.

As a life-long pairing yourselves, how could you have done any better?

I know how difficult things have been for both of you lately.

But as you keep fighting, one day to the next, take solace in the understanding that together, you produced three world-class children and human beings, two of whom have blessed you with four wonderful grandchildren.

Good gig.

But I got the best deal of all, I don’t mind saying.

Because I have Lizzy.

I know how lucky I am.

And I know how lucky we all are.

[Editor’s Note: This piece was written by Mr. Kaplan in December 2021.]


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