Harvey Leonard, aka “Humble Harv,” (born Harvey Leonard Moskowitz) is like the Timex watch.

He just keeps on tickin’.

As reliable as the day is long.

The seventy-two-year-old grandfather of five has been a pillar of the meteorological community and the dean of Boston meteorologists for decades.

From the time he had near-shoulder length hair and a mustache.

He was younger then.

Today, he’s balding and without facial hair.

But he’s not lost a yard–or an inch–off his fastball.

He’s better than ever.


Because he’s knowledgeable of course, and projects a most kind and amiable demeanor.

And delivery.

Which comforts the viewer.

Doesn’t matter what the weather conditions were, are, or may be.

He’s avuncular.

Like having your father or mother–or uncle–tell you, “Y’know, it’ll all be fine…It will be alright. Here’s why.”

Leonard first came to Boston in May 1977 at Channel 7, then known as WNAC-TV.

By the time the station was sold to New England Television and became WNEV-TV in 1982–renamed by ownership in 1990 as WHDH–‘The Humble One’ was the chief meteorologist.


Couldn’t have been better, fitting or more well-deserved.

He owned that role at ’HDH for twenty years.

That was one chapter.

He left WHDH-TV in April 2002 and joined WCVB-TV later in the same year.

Following the retirement of then-chief meteorologist, and pal, the late Dick Albert in 2009, Leonard was once again promoted to the chief position.

I’m not sure how well he can throw a football, but Harvey Leonard reminds me of Tom Brady.

Each, in their chosen pursuit, gets better with age.

Fine wine?

Sumpthin’ like that.



[Editor’s Note: This piece was written by Mr. Kaplan in January 2022.]


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